Elektra 100 Film Overview: A Fresh Choice in Color Film

Last Updated on December 18, 2023

The Flic Film Elektra 100 is the latest addition to the limited options available for color film in the market. This 35mm color negative film, developed in C41, is designed to meet the demand for high-quality color film in a market where choices are often constrained.

Elektra 100 film

Elektra 100 Description

Canon AE-1 35mm Film
The iconic 35mm camera stays as relevant as ever, boasting its AE (Automatic Exposure) system and focal plane shutter.

Elektra 100 is a 35mm color negative film with a film speed of 100 ISO, designed to be developed using the C41 process. This light-sensitive film is particularly acclaimed for delivering vibrant colors and sharpness, especially in sunset shots.

Key Characteristics

Elektra 100 boasts a set of distinctive features, including a wide exposure latitude, natural colors with heightened sensitivity to red hues, and sharpness facilitated by its T-grain emulsion. The film’s origin traces back to the respooled Kodak Aero Color IV, initially designed for aerial photography.

Versatility and General Use

Despite its historical roots, Elektra 100 has proven its adaptability for general still photography needs. This makes it a versatile choice suitable for a wide range of shooting scenarios and locations.

Manufactured by FlicFilm, a Canadian company with a dedicated ecological focus, Elektra 100 aligns with the company’s commitment to sustainable photography products.

Alternatives and Market Context

While Elektra 100 is now a prominent choice, alternative films like Washi X (a technical film with no orange mask) and Santa Color 100 (an IndieGoGo Crowdfunding project from summer 2021) also exist, both following the C41 process.

Contrary to some specialty films, Elektra 100 is not a limited release, ensuring a consistent supply for photographers. Flic Film assures users that Elektra 100 is here to stay.

Light Piping Warning and Loading Advice

Users should be cautious of light piping issues with Elektra 100. Loading the film in subdued light conditions is recommended to prevent any unwanted exposure before the intended shot.

Flic Film Elektra 100 stands out as a versatile color negative film suitable for a diverse array of shooting locations. Its unique characteristics and FlicFilm’s commitment to environmental responsibility make it a compelling choice in the contemporary market. Well job.

Kodak Portra 400
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Flic Film Elektra 100 Sample Shots

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