Resources for Film Shooters

Resources for Film Shooters

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This year we have been surprised by the number of projects promoted to chemical photography.

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Lots of cameras and lots of films with all their in-depth specifications.

Pentax Spotmatic SP: A review of a legend

In this article we will delve into the details behind one of the most respected cameras in the history of photography, The Spotmatic SP has been one of the best…

Rollei Nano 80: A short review of a German bargain

The Rollei Nano 80 camera is a APS format compact camera that many have not heard of. This basically because the format it brings is not one of the most…

Nishika N8000 Review and History: From Scam to Gold

3D without glasses, bankruptcy, telemarketer scams and the Federal Trade Commission. This is probably the most interesting story, the most complex 3D camera in the history of photography. Before talking…

A compact, stylish and all-purpose rangefinder: Yashica Lynx 5000 review

Lynx is a family of compact 35mm rangefinder cameras manufactured by Yashima Optical Industry Company, Ltd, in Nagano, Japan, beginning in 1960. Yashima was a company created in 1949 dedicated…

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