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5 Best Point And Shoot Film Cameras in 2023!
5 Best Point And Shoot Film Cameras in 2023!

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This year we have been surprised by the number of projects promoted to chemical photography.

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Lots of cameras and lots of films with all their in-depth specifications.

Canon F-1 Review: A Timeless Legacy of Reliability and Excellence

The Canon F-1 is a camera that to this day maintains its reputation as one of the most reliable cameras ever manufactured. Throughout its three versions, different variations were implemented…

Mamiya 645 Pro and M645 Series: Mamiya’s Compact Medium Format Guide

The Mamiya 645 Pro is a medium format SLR camera from the Mamiya 645 series. Overall, the Mamiya 645 series offers affordability and is an ideal choice for those looking…

Mamiya RZ67 Review: Exploring Medium Format’s Lasting Significance

Back in the 1970s, there existed a camera that made significant contributions to professional medium format photography. However, it’s not about that camera that we’ll discuss on this occasion, but…

Ilford PanF Plus 50: The best black and white film for sunny days?

Vivid images, excellent shades of gray, but not quite grain-free enough to be mistaken for Ilford Delta or Kodak T-Max. In comparison to Ferrania P30 Alpha film, which is known…

Film: Mitsubishi MX 100 35mm Review

In this article we talk about the Mitsubishi MX 100 35mm, a film little known in the West, but which was very popular in Asia back in the 2000′s. 1.…

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Super 8 cameras have a timeless charm that continues to captivate filmmakers and enthusiasts alike. If you’re curious about diving into the world of Super 8 filmmaking, here we will…

Ultimate Film for a Canon AE-1: The Top 4 Choices in 2023

The Canon AE-1 is one of the most popular film cameras in the world, and since its release almost 50 years ago, it has earned a place on the list…

All Photographic Film Formats Explained

In previous articles we talked about the history of photography as well as the technique, complete with explanatory film, used to make photographic films. Films that, as we said, exist…

Polaroid Film: Everything you need to know in 2023

Shooting with a Polaroid or an instant camera can be fascinating. But as you go deeper into this world of photography, sooner or later you will find yourself with questions…

The Art of Black and White Photography

In this article we will address the characteristics that make the art of black and white photography an art as such, looking in detail at its origins. Many people are…

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