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10 Best Point And Shoot Film Cameras in 2024!
10 Best Point And Shoot Film Cameras in 2024!

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This year we have been surprised by the number of projects promoted to chemical photography.

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Lots of cameras and lots of films with all their in-depth specifications.

Pentax Espio 90MC: A Camera With The Essence Of The 90s

The Pentax Espio 90MC, also known in some circles as the IQZoom 90MC, is a noteworthy point-and-shoot camera from the renowned manufacturer Pentax. Part of the Espio IQZoom series, this…

The Polaroid 3000 AF: A Cool 90s Point And Shoot

In the realm of vintage photography, the Polaroid 3000 AF film compact camera emerges as a curious artifact, an autofocusing point-and-shoot device that walks the fine line between simplicity and…

Brownie Flash Six-20 Camera: A Glimpse into the Past

In the cluttered landscape of vintage cameras, the Brownie Flash Six-20 stands out as a relic from a bygone era, making its debut in July 1946 and bowing out of…

Ilford PanF Plus 50: The best black and white film for sunny days?

Vivid images, excellent shades of gray, but not quite grain-free enough to be mistaken for Ilford Delta or Kodak T-Max. In comparison to Ferrania P30 Alpha film, which is known…

Film: Mitsubishi MX 100 35mm Review

In this article we talk about the Mitsubishi MX 100 35mm, a film little known in the West, but which was very popular in Asia back in the 2000′s. 1.…

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Sunny 16 Rule “Expanded”: Day and Night Metering for Keen Eyes

For over a decade, the Sunny 16 Rule has been a cornerstone of my photography practice. Today, I’m excited to unveil an enhanced version of this timeless technique, tailored for…

Elektra 100 Film Overview: A Fresh Choice in Color Film

The Flic Film Elektra 100 is the latest addition to the limited options available for color film in the market. This 35mm color negative film, developed in C41, is designed…

Film Camera vs Digital Camera: Explore Nuances & Find Your Ideal

Dive into the enthralling world of photography with a close look at the “film camera vs digital” debate! Whether you’re just starting or are a well-versed enthusiast, the choice between…

All Photographic Film Formats Explained

In previous articles we talked about the history of photography as well as the technique, complete with explanatory film, used to make photographic films. Films that, as we said, exist…

Polaroid Film: Everything you need to know in 2024

Shooting with a Polaroid or an instant camera can be fascinating. But as you go deeper into this world of photography, sooner or later you will find yourself with questions…

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