Good news about Fujifilm, Kodak, and photographic paper

Last Updated on July 6, 2023

In the world of analog photography, there are two exciting pieces of news involving Fujifilm, Kodak, and photographic paper. In this article, we will summarize both news items to provide you with the most relevant details.

Sino Promis withdraws from the market: What does this mean for Kodak?

Sino Promis kodak box

Sino Promis, a Chinese company that holds the license to manufacture and sell Kodak color paper, as well as Kodak-branded chemistry, has decided to withdraw from the market. This news has left many wondering about the future of Kodak’s patents and what will happen to them. Although it is not yet certain what will be done with the patents, what is certain is that Sino Promis is withdrawing from the market.

On the other hand, regarding photographic chemistry, the situation is different. Adox, a company that manufactures chemicals for photography, including the popular Kodak HC-110, continues to produce and has even launched new products. Additionally, there are other companies like Tenalful that also manufacture alternative photographic chemistry, including products similar to those of Kodak. In summary, although Sino Promis is withdrawing, there are no issues regarding the availability of chemicals for analog photography.

Fujifilm focuses on color photographic paper

The other big news concerns Fujifilm and its focus on color photographic paper, specifically the RA-4 paper. According to statements from three executives in Fujifilm’s chemical photography division, the company is dedicating significant resources to the development and production of color photographic paper, especially in the RA-4 format.

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Although Fujifilm already had plans in place for this type of paper, Sino Promis’ withdrawal from the market gives Fujifilm a competitive advantage. Now, they have a wide field to expand and gain market share in the color photographic paper segment. This is good news for Fujifilm as it allows them to compete more strongly and profitably.

It is worth noting that Fujifilm is not limited solely to the manufacture of photographic paper. The company’s popular Instax line of products, known for its instant cameras, also utilizes Fujifilm color photographic paper. This diversification of products strengthens Fujifilm’s position in the market.

Innovation and commitment to the environment

In addition to the focus on color photographic paper, Fujifilm is also adapting to the changing times and environmental concerns. According to reports, the company has developed biodegradable RA-4 paper, using biodegradable plastics in its manufacturing. This initiative reflects Fujifilm’s commitment to working in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

Another interesting innovation is that Fujifilm plans to create photographic paper where the silver used in the color positive process can be fully recovered. This means that instead of disposing of the silver used in the process, it can be effectively recovered. This advancement represents a significant step towards reducing the environmental impact of analog photography.

Future of film manufacturing

In addition to the news about photographic paper, there are also comments about film manufacturing in general. It has been mentioned that Kodak is currently the manufacturer of Fujifilm’s film. However, the question has been raised as to whether Fujifilm will be able to maintain this relationship in the future.

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Although a definitive answer has not been provided, it is expected that Fujifilm will continue to market photographic films. The relationship between the two companies is strong, and they are likely to find a way to maintain it despite the manufacturing challenges.

In conclusion, Fujifilm’s outlook regarding Kodak and photographic paper is promising. Sino Promis’ withdrawal from the market provides Fujifilm with a unique opportunity to expand in the color paper segment. Additionally, their focus on innovation and sustainability demonstrates

their commitment to quality and environmental care. With the development of biodegradable paper and the pursuit of solutions to recover the silver used in the photographic process, Fujifilm positions itself as a leader in the analog photography industry.

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