Learn Film Photography

learn film photography

In order to learn analog photography, at Dusty Grain we have prepared a series of guides that will break down all areas of analog photography.

Through this index you will be able to consult one by one, each of the topics that make up the learning of film photography.

1. Beginner’s Guides To Film Photography

Beginner's Guides to Film Photography

To start learning film photography you must start by knowing the fundamentals of photography in general, the equipment you have, its characteristics and the functions that all types of camera have in common.

  1. Why Shoot Film?
  2. How an analog camera works?
  3. Which film camera should I buy?
  4. Film formats

2. Film Developing And Scanning Guides

film scan

The development and scanning process is the last step to have your photos ready to display and print.

  1. Guide to developing black and white film
  2. Guide to scanning negatives

3. Camera Guides And Analog Equipment

analog equipment

Learn about what you need to improve your camera’s performance, plus tips and tricks.

4. Online Courses

We recommend these essential photography courses to improve your technical skills on Craftsy.com

beginner’s film photography course
composition photography course