6 Cool Polaroid Tricks That Will Make Your Shots Shine

Last Updated on February 17, 2023

Instant photos preserve that magic of turning our personal vision into reality, instantly. Probably if you use this type of camera, you already know what we are talking about.

That’s why nothing is better than adding some tips and tricks that will help our snapshots shine a little more:

1. Store The Cartridge Before Use

Each Polaroid film has small chemical color deposits on the bottom of the frame. For this reason, so that the processing of the photo is not altered after taking it, it is necessary to store the package in the refrigerator with the front side up if you are not going to use it for a while.

polaroid fridge

With this we ensure that our photos will maintain the natural color and contrast of how they come from the factory. Since low temperatures delay the deterioration of chemicals and printing paper.

2. Use The Flash Light

When shooting in poorly lit environments, it is useful to use the flash and place the subject in front of a background that provides contrast, while if it is outdoors, the light source should always be pointed at the subject to be photographed, never against the light. But there are no rules, this is a suggestion.

3. Make Each Shot A Unique Version

This is one of the most interesting things about taking instant shots: each frame has its own composition, colors, and tones. Because you will always find yourself in an environment of different light and colors.

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Therefore, take good advantage of experimenting with different angles and that your photo not only seems descriptive, but having a square shape, you can break with the classic scheme of the subject in the middle.

4. Experiment More

polaroid creative photo

Like the previous point, it is essential that each photo we take is not similar to the previous one, because eye, you are shooting on an impression that is not exactly cheap.

Then try to take advantage of each frame to give it a different touch, adding composition schemes that break with other applied ones.

Remember that the magic of instant photos is that they are documents that can be touched and felt, that come directly from reality to our hands. This photographic value is not possessed by other means of taking photography.

5. Development Is Not So Immediate, Wait

polaroid instant wait

Pressing the button on the camera triggers chemical reactions in the film that take time. To do this, a few minutes will pass between the shot and the appearance of the image.

During this time the film should be kept warm and in the dark and it is recommended that you do not rush this process.

6. Don’T Shake The Film

polaroid shake

The truth is that shaking hurts instead of helping, this already mythical practice is what we see in movies or other people do and even recommend.

But the truth is that by doing so we run the risk of altering the natural process of the photo, causing them to modify the colors and lights in it.

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But come on, you can do it if you want to experiment, but it is likely that you will take away the possibility that the result seen will be maintained over the years.

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