Introducing Harman Phoenix 200: Harman Photo Launches A New Color Film

Last Updated on December 1, 2023

Harman Photo, renowned for its distinguished portfolio of black and white films, has unveiled its latest venture into the realm of color photography with the introduction of Harman Phoenix 200.

The limited edition film, designed exclusively for 35mm SLR cameras, promises a distinctive experience for analog enthusiasts.

New HARMAN phoenix 200 film

Film Specifications

Canon AE-1 35mm Film
The iconic 35mm camera stays as relevant as ever, boasting its AE (Automatic Exposure) system and focal plane shutter.
  • ISO 200, 36 Exposures: Harman Phoenix 200 is a unique color film offering with a specific focus on delivering 36 exposures at ISO 200. The DX-coded cassette allows users to rate the film between ISO 100 and 400, providing flexibility in various shooting conditions.
  • Manufactured in Mobberley Factory: Unlike rebranded films, Harman Phoenix 200 is manufactured entirely in Harman’s Mobberley factory in North West England, reinforcing its authenticity as a proprietary product.
  • Modified XP2 Film: Harman Phoenix 200 is a “modification” of the XP2 film, incorporating additional color coats. This modification aims to deliver high-contrast photos with visible grain and vibrant colors, while embracing imperfections like halation and limited dynamic range.

Technical Insights

  • Halation and Dynamic Range Acknowledgment: The film embraces imperfections, acknowledging characteristics such as halation and limited dynamic range. Users are recommended to shoot at ISO 200 in consistent light conditions to achieve optimal performance, with the understanding that halation may be visible.
  • Optimized Scanning: At-home scanning, especially with tools like Negative Lab Pro, has been identified as a method to obtain more accurate results, further enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Scanning Guide: A comprehensive scanning guide for both lab and consumer scanners is available in the technical datasheet, ensuring users can navigate the unique features of Harman Phoenix 200.

Company Perspective

  • Company Reputation and Commitment: Managing director Greg Summers underlines Harman’s established reputation for black and white films while expressing the company’s commitment to the future of analog photography through the introduction of color options.
  • Unique Selling Proposition: Sales and marketing director Giles Branthwaite emphasizes the uniqueness and imperfections of Harman Phoenix 200, catering to the demands of the film community for diversified color film options.
  • Investment for Future Growth: Harman envisions the release of Harman Phoenix 200 as the initial step in its color film journey. The revenue generated from sales is earmarked for investments to refine formulations, coating capabilities, and color technology, reflecting a long-term commitment to analog photography.

Note: HARMAN Phoenix is not made by ILFORD.


harman phoenix film cartridge and box

Harman Phoenix 200 is available for purchase starting today, December 1, with a list of retailers provided for enthusiasts eager to explore this limited edition color film.

As Harman Photo steps into the colorful realm of analog photography, the company aims to not only meet the demands of its dedicated community but also pave the way for future innovations and improvements in the world of film photography.

Testing Shots

Photo samples provided by HARMAN.

Personal take

One can appreciate HARMAN’s intention to reach young and new film enthusiasts behind this new movie. Features that people identify as characteristic of the film, such as the halo in the highlights, a good amount of grain, and a color that emphasizes warmth. It’s a very Instagrammable and TikTok-able product. The “professional” factor that used to be the barometer for “good” films is somewhat sidelined.

It’s a good commercial approach, similar to what CineStill had in its time, which worked for years until its recent controversy a few weeks ago. It’s exciting to see the launch of new films in the midst of 2023, and any venture that embraces the old school of photography is applauded.


The official website of Harman’s new film

Kodak Portra 400
Professional 35mm film: captures natural and smooth tones with precision.

The technical data sheet for the Phoenix 200

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