Jorge Ferrufino
Jorge Ferrufino

Fashion photographer and street photography enthusiast, he has twelve years of experience in the field of photography and has based most of his work on analogue format.

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The Incredible Panoramic Holga 135 Pan – Review

The Panoramic Holga 135 or Holga 135 Pan is a camera that despite its limitations manages to move and above all it can be very fun to shoot. There is…

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110 Film Cartridges Available In 2022

You are interested in trying 110 format, but you do not know the availability of resources for this format, well then we show you the 110 film cartridges available in…

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How Does The 110 Format Film Work?

The 110 format film works the same as other formats with a few differences, basically it is a smaller system, but at the same time easier to use when taking…

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