Minolta Autocord Models Guide

Last Updated on May 14, 2023

List from McKeown’s Price Guide To Antique & Classic Cameras 1995-1996. Extracted from an expired site from the 90s, this list of versions of the Minolta Autocord helps to identify which version you have.

Autocord Versions

ModelYear builtShutterComments
Autocord MXS,1st Version1955Optiper MXS, 1-1/400 secno depth of field on side
Autocord MXS, 2nd Version1956Optiper MXS, 1-1/400 secwith depth of field on side of crank
Autocord MXV1955Optiper MXV, 1-1/400 sec
Autocord RA1957Optiper MXV, 1-1/400 secFilm-size 6×6+4×4+4×5, changeable
Autocord (export)1958Seikosha MX, 1-1/500 sec, with LV, Synchr.X-M-F
Autocord L1955Seikosha Rapid, 1-1/500, Synchr. FSelenium Meter
Autocord LMX1958Seikosha-MX, 1-1/500, Synchr. X-F-MSelenium Meter
Autocord-RI1961Optiper-M, 1-1/500 (4,8,15,30,60,125), LV, Synchr. M
Autocord-RG, 1st Version1961Optiper MVL, 1-1/500, Synchr. X-MChiyoko Rokkor, Selftimer
Autocord-RG, 2nd Version1962Optiper MVL, 1-1/500, Synchr. X-M,Minolta Rokkor, Selftimer
Autocord-RG, 3rd Version1963Citizen MVL, 1-1/500Firmname: Minolta Camera Co.Ltd.
Autocord Model I1965Citizen MVL, 1-1/500small “minolta” above “AUTOCORD”
Autocord Model II1966Citizen MVLfor 120 and 220 film, Counter 1-12, back to 1 for picture 13-24
Autocord Model III1966Citizen MVLfor 120 and 220 film, Counter 1-24
Autocord CDS Model I1965Citizen MVLCDS-Meter
Autocord CDS Model II1966Citizen MVLCDS-Meter, for 120 and 220 film, Counter 1-12, back to 1 for 13-24,
Autocord CDS Model III1966Citizen MVLCDS-Meter, for 120 and 220 film, Counter 1-24

Autocord Serial Number Guide

Since Minolta does not designate the actual Autocord model anywhere on the body, these actual Autocord serial numbers can give us an approximation of the model we may have.

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It should be noted that another way to know the Autocord model we have is by seeing the type of shutter it has, since this is indicated above or around the lens.

Serial NumberMinolta Autocord model
126828Autocord MXS, 1st Version
126832Autocord MXS, 1st Version
133184Autocord MXS, 1st Version
143615Autocord MXS, 2nd Version
146940Autocord MXS, 2nd Version
147726Autocord MXS, 2nd Version
151449Autocord MXS, 2nd Version
151727Autocord MXS, 2nd Version
153463Autocord MXS, 2nd Version
164775Autocord LMX (Selenium Meter)
166421Autocord LMX (Selenium Meter)
170540Autocord MXS, 2nd Version
171797Autocord LMX (Selenium Meter)
172985Autocord LMX (Selenium Meter)
173845Autocord LMX (Selenium Meter)
174904Autocord MXS, 2nd Version
180831Autocord LMX (Selenium Meter)
182711Autocord LMX (Selenium Meter)
185939Autocord LMX (Selenium Meter)
187409Autocord LMX (Selenium Meter)
188961Autocord LMX (Selenium Meter)
195847Autocord LMX (Selenium Meter)
200905Autocord LMX (Selenium Meter)
219826Autocord (export) Seikosha-MX
228570Autocord (export) Seikosha-MX
234628Autocord (export) Seikosha-MX
235008Autocord (export) Seikosha-MX
264092Autocord RG, 1st Version
268115Autocord RG, 1st Version
270121Autocord RG, 1st Version
271778Autocord RG, 2nd Version
351032Autocord RG, 2nd Version
351777Autocord RG, 2nd Version
355418Autocord RG, 3rd Version
355584Autocord RG, 3rd Version
361395Autocord RG, 3rd Version
361485Autocord RG, 3rd Version
361505Autocord RG, 3rd Version
362793Autocord RG, 3rd Version
366859Autocord RG, 3rd Version
402906Autocord CDS I
403412Autocord CDS I
405020Autocord CDS II
405740Autocord CDS I
405892Autocord I
406983Autocord CDS I
407554Autocord CDS I
408570Autocord I
410958Autocord CDS II
412358Autocord I
412992Autocord CDS I
419163Autocord CDS I
419278Autocord CDS I
421615Autocord I
424601Autocord I
425382Autocord CDS I
426234Autocord I
426244Autocord I
427255Autocord I
431006Autocord I
433311Autocord I
454449Autocord CDS III

Konan, Citizen, Sekosha, and Optiper are the shutters that came with the Autocord, which were released from 1955 to 1966 in the 24 known versions.

Autocord 1957 listing

I hope it has been of help to those who were looking for a guide to find the version of their Autocord.

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  1. My Minolta Autocord is from 1959, not export, serial number 211644, is a MXV-2 Model with Citizen-MXV shutter, self-timer, marked with Chiyoko on top, have Chiyoko View-Rokkor 75mm F3.2 Viewing lens, Chiyoko Rokkor 75mm F3.5 Taking Lens. No light meter. Have depth of field on side of crank, 120 film only, counter to 12. 6×6.

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