3d Printed tool for agitation

Last Updated on September 6, 2022

The B’s Tiny Roller is a 3d printed tool for agitation, which theoretically allows to generate a more continuous and random movement in the process of developing a negative or film.

It is popularly not such a popular product among people who perform this process manually. But we believe that it may be interesting to consider the application of the tool to the tank development system.

We believe that the Tiny Roller may be the standard size for casual development, that is for those who develop no more than 2 rolls at a time using a paterson tank or a classic steel tank.

The simple use is used to replace the classic tank shaking movement with a rotating one, since we must place the tank in a horizontal position on the tool, where the tank rotates on its own axis from one side to the other.

System similar to that used by semi-automatic machines such as the JOBO processor machine.

We will leave a couple of images that describe the basic operation of this darkroom tool.

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