How Does The 110 Format Film Work?

Last Updated on February 17, 2023

The 110 format film works the same as other formats with a few differences, basically it is a smaller system, but at the same time easier to use when taking photos.

Differences in operation compared to other formats

110 format film work

The essential difference compared to other types of film format are given by the way in which the film is loaded into the camera. In this sense, although the operation of the camera itself is the same as that of any other camera, what sets it apart is the ease and speed with which the film is loaded into the camera.

Characteristics of the 110 cassette

110 film cassette

The 110 cartridge is made up of 2 container compartments, in the first compartment it contains the film without developing, and in the second where the film is going to be folded as we capture the photos or frames.

After the entire reel has been exposed, the exposed film will be loaded into the second compartment. This system is much simpler than the 35mm and 120, since these are composed of a single container, on the other hand, since there are two containers, we avoid the part of rewinding the film from the camera to the cassette.

110 film counter
110 film inside

As you reload frame by frame, the number of the frame corresponding to the film will appear in the small window of the counter of the same cassette. Generally this counter comes in cameras, when it comes to a 120 or 135 (35mm) format. In the case of the 110 format, the counter comes on the same cassette.

It is worth mentioning that the camera is in charge of determining if the frame is already loaded and ready to take the photo. And it will only continue to advance once the photo has been taken.

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Advantages of using the 110 format

110 films

The advantage that we have of the 110 format over the other formats is that the process of taking photos is very easy and fast too, we simply attach the cartridge to the camera and we are ready to take photos. That is, in a single step we will have the camera ready to capture.

In addition, with this we will avoid that the film suffers some kind of mishap with the outside environment, since it is sealed against dust, light and also, why not, fingerprints. At all times the film will be isolated from any contact with the outside.

Disadvantages of using the 110 format

110 frames

The disadvantage of using the 110 format to capture photos is that being such a small format, we will get small images, and consequently, images of lower quality. That is why this system has been designed from the beginning for domestic or popular use.

Uses of film 110

It is evident that in current times the user of this format is no longer the same as that of 20 years ago (in some cases it is). What makes this format not disappear completely has to do with the fact that a niche of photographers has been created who see in this format another way of experimenting or simply having fun.

Check this Flickr group.

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