5 Cool 110 Cameras For This 2022

Although we can still get dozens of old used 110 cameras, there are a new wave of cool 110 cameras on the market that are worth mentioning.

1. Holga micro 110

A small camera that is becoming fashionable again in Hong Kong, although the original version of Holga already ceased production a couple of years ago, we do not know exactly who is behind this new wave of cameras. But knowing that it comes from the Asian giant, it would not be surprising if there were more than one factories that produce it.

In any case we can say that it is a camera that we love at Dusty Grain, not only because of the affection we have for the old “Holgas”, but also because it maintains the classic design of its predecessors, and that it is also now presented in colors. cooler and more fun.

holga micro 110 sample photo

As with most so-called toy cameras, it comes with a single shutter speed (1/60) and an aperture close to f / 8.

2. Superheadz Matroska

It is another camera from China, but aimed at the Russian market. The overall design reminds us of a LOMO camera, but in this case in white. Come on, it’s a shoot-and-reload camera without any further pretense.

matroska sample photo from Lomography

3. Demekin Fisheye

Another very fun camera that looks very different from the previous ones. Anyone looking at it might think it is a GoPro-type sports camera.

demekin fish-eye sample photo

Its mechanism is basic like any other toy camera, you shoot and reload, without more.
And like previous cameras, it comes with an aperture of roughly f / 8, and a shutter speed of 1 / 60th.

4. Ikimono Flash Hari 110

Well, we are not going to repeat the common features it brings in terms of opening and speed. But if it differs from the previous ones by bringing it, it gets a built-in flash in the upper right part, which is activated manually and reminiscent of a 35mm disposable camera.

Ikimono sample photo

5. Baby Diana 110 mini camera

Yes, it’s probably just an aesthetic-sized layer from the well-known DIANA (120 format), but we had to add it to the list as nostalgia makes this camera a hit.

For the gigs, these are the specs:

  • Fixed focus 1m – Infinity
  • Fixed f8 apperture
  • 1/100 shutter speed and Bulb (B)
  • Square Image from 110 film
  • 1 Extra wide-angle lens

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