The Best Disposable Camera For Travel

Last Updated on September 5, 2022

There are three things that we never forget to pack when we decide to take a trip, put some food, another is coffee and finally we think about how we are going to document our trip by choosing an ideal disposable camera for travel.

Yes, you can simply use your cell phone for this purpose. But if you are a photography fan, as deep down we all are, but you want to generate a different look at your travel photography, then you came to this post to solve this very specific question.

Which disposable camera should I take on my trip?

The answer to this question is somewhat complex and at the same time simple to solve.

Most cameras of this type tend to share almost identical characteristics. The most common are the shooting speed and the possibility of using the flash.

However, in many cases the film is the main variant that we can look at in addition to other details that we will see later.

If our trip we foresee that the weather is going to be a determining factor in which we must look to decide which disposable camera to take, that is when the choice of the correct film becomes relevant.

For a safe trip with our disposable camera, it is best to bring a camera with high ISO, since we will not limit ourselves to taking only pictures in bright light, but we will probably want to use the camera in different light situations.

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To this comes the use of flash, it is one of our tools to get photos in low light.

In addition to this we have to add that if our trip will be under complex atmospheric conditions, such as rainstorm, we would have to choose a single-use camera that deviates from these conditions.

disposable waterproof film camera

The camera that we believe meets almost all requirements or for various conditions in a trip is the waterproof FujiFilm QuickSnap 800.

Yes, you will think that only this camera is intended for underwater use, either when you go to the beach or the pool. The truth is that it is an ideal camera also for any other situation than difficult climatic conditions.

For example if you travel to the outskirts of a city, such as hiking through the woods through the countryside, or when you go trekking as well. It is good to carry a camera that is proof of everything. That at no time you will have to worry about water getting into it, or that when it falls it will be damaged.

The most that can happen to your camera and to any other is that you get it to lose the woods.

And under this other point is that a disposable camera suits us perfectly, since you do not have to risk your expensive phone or even your main DSLR or mirrorless camera.


Having a film with a speed of 800 ISO, and a flash that can also be activated according to the situation that you see fit to use. Since another of the qualities of this camera is what we can activate or not, the use of the flash…

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And also having the body of the camera totally sealed against water, you will make sure that at least you do not worry about the camera, and yes, for example, that you are in the correct situation to compose a photo.

Also, if you enjoy the look and character that results from photography with disposable cameras, then you will have a trip from which you can get a complete experience.

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