5 Affordable Medium Format Film Cameras

It is necessary to know the options for this 2022 in terms of affordable medium format film cameras, that is why we have prepared a list of cameras that can be useful for beginners and advanced users.

1. Zeiss Super Ikonta B

zeiss super ikonta camera

The Zeiss Super Ikonta B was manufactured in the early 1930’s until past the 1950’s, it was a very popular camera among amateurs of the time, it was very portable as it had a camera that could be folded inside the body.

The camera folding system was very popular in the early 20th century, with Agfa being one of the first to implement it on 35mm and 127 film cameras.

The Zeiss Super Ikonta B features an uncoated 80mm/2.8 lens. The shutter speed tops at 1/400th through Zeiss’ Compur rapid shutter.

The camera uses the Zeiss Ikon rotating wedge-prism to provide a clear focus and has double exposure prevention, a combined viewfinder/rangefinder, mechanical film counter, and top-mounted shutter release. 

venice bridge
venice by Pavel Ruzicka

Without a doubt it is a camera that deserves a look, even more so if you are one of those who found one in grandpa’s basement.

Its estimated price is between 50-300 $ USD depending on the condition.

2. Kiev 60

kiev 60 camera

Manufactured by the Arsenal Factory in Kiev, Ukraine, the Kiev 60 is a bigger model medium format camera.

The Kiev 60 is the Russian version of the German Pentacon Praktisix medium format. The Kiev, redesigned to be the 60 in 1984, moved the shutter from the left to the right.

Features a Volna-3 80mm 1:2.8-22 lens. A cloth curtain shutter, shutter speed b, 1/2 – 1/1000. In order to cover the large negative at the film plane, the focal length is increased. Has an optional waist level finder and a removable pentaprism.

Being an SLR it is quite intuitive for the user who is used to this system, yes, it is not a very sophisticated camera, it can be noisy and rough, but without a doubt the resulting photos are very outstanding.. 

kiev 60 portrait
sample by Ty Nigh

We could consider it an even more affordable option than the Pentax 67 for example.

Its estimated price is between 50-200$ USD depending on the condition, accessories and lenses with which it comes.

3. Yashica mat 124g

yashica mat 124g tlr camera

The Yashica Mat 124g is a TLR camera made in Japan, in its time it was known to be a cheap alternative to the German Rolleiflex.

But we will say that the characteristics of this make it a very interesting option for those who want to venture into the world of medium format.

As we mentioned, being a TLR (Twin lens reflex), it has two lenses, one to focus and the other to capture the image.

Both lenses are fixed at 80mm, the viewing lens is f2.8, the taking is f3.5, and the shutter speeds range from 1-second to 1/500th.

The Yashica Mat is a 6×6 camera, that is, it captures 6cm frames per side and uses 120 films.

yashica mat 124g and kodak portra
shot by Robert Couse-Baker

Has a focusing knob, light meter, and a waist-level finder with a focusing screen. Controls for the shutter speed and aperture are on the front of the camera, making navigating them simple and effective.

Its estimated price is between 200-300 $ USD depending on the condition and accessories that the camera brings.

4. Minolta Autocord

minolta autocord tlr camera

The Minolta Autocord is the evolution of the Minoltaflex of the early 1930’s. It is another TLR alternative to the Rolleiflex, although for many, it is its possible competitor.

It is also made in Japan by Chiyoda Kogaku Seiko. It is built to shine, as the engineering of this camera is quite sophisticated.

The Autocord has a round lens sensor dial that can be rotated to adjust the three settings of the model—off, low, and high.

minolta autocord sample bokeh
shot by Jennifer Oui

Features a Minolta Rokkor f/3.5 / 75mm taking lens and a Citizen-MVL shutter, Bulb position (B) and 1 to 1/500 sec

Its estimated price is between 60-300 $ USD depending on the condition.

5. Rolleicord

rolleicord tlr camera

Another TLR, the Rolleicord is a high-quality camera made with amateur photographers in mind. Produced in two variations, a version with extravagantly patterned metal faceplates, or a plain leatherette covering.

The latter sports the nifty ‘Art Deco’ designation. Many models were made, with the later models generally being more expensive and sought after due to the improvements made to them.

Features a 75mm f/4.5 Zeiss Triotar lens. This model uses a knob instead of a crank—what is generally found on the Rolleiflex

black and white sample rolleicord
shot by Paul Tom

In conclusion, what makes this camera stand out from the previous ones is the quality of its construction, giving it remarkable reliability.

Its estimated price is between approximately 200-400$ USD.

More Affordable Medium Format Film Cameras?

Still want to see more affordable medium format film cameras? In this video there is an alternative list to consider.

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