Olympus Accura Zoom XB 70: Robust Design Meets Versatility

Last Updated on January 15, 2024

The Olympus Accura Zoom XB 70, also known as the Olympus Superzoom 700 BF in certain regions, represents a distinct approach in the realm of compact point-and-shoot cameras. Released in 1999 and manufactured in Japan, this camera offers a glimpse into the design philosophies and technological capabilities of late 20th-century photography equipment.

Olympus Accura Zoom XB 70

Olympus Accura Zoom XB 70 Specs

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Model NameOlympus Accura Zoom XB 70 / Olympus Superzoom 700 BF
Camera TypePoint And Shoot Film Camera
Film Type35mm
Release Year1999
Manufacturing CountryJapan
Lens30-70mm zoom lens
ISO Range (DX Code Reader)25 – 3200 ISO
Shooting ModesAutomatic, Landscape, Flash Disable
Design PhilosophyRobust build with good grip, large viewfinder
Battery Type2x AA batteries
Additional FeaturesAutomatic film advance and rewind, date and time (Quartzdate), timer, red-eye reduction

Design and Build

Olympus Accura Zoom XB 70 camera front

The Accura Zoom XB 70 deviates from the “pocket camera” philosophy that characterized Olympus’s Stylus Infinity series. Instead, it opts for a more robust build, prioritizing a comfortable grip and usability. This design choice is evident in its slightly larger viewfinder, which enhances user experience, particularly for those who prefer a more substantial camera body. Available in two color options, dark gray and light gray, the camera presents a classic aesthetic that aligns with the design trends of its era.

Lens and Focus

Olympus Accura Zoom XB 70 lens

Central to its functionality is the 35mm AF (Auto Focus) system, paired with a versatile 30-70mm lens. This lens range offers flexibility for various photography styles, from close-up portraits to wider landscape shots. A notable feature is the sliding lens cover, which not only protects the lens but also adds to the camera’s overall durability and grip.

Modes and Features

Olympus Accura Zoom XB 70 viewfinder and functions

The Accura Zoom XB 70 features a unique switch located next to the lens, offering three distinct shooting modes. The middle position activates the standard automatic shooting mode, suitable for general photography needs.

The upward switch engages the landscape mode, which emphasizes infinite focus and conserves battery life by bypassing autofocus adjustments. This mode is particularly useful for capturing distant scenes where detail and clarity are paramount. The downward switch deactivates the automatic flash, allowing photographers to explore natural lighting conditions without the intervention of artificial light.

Battery and Compatibility

Olympus Accura Zoom XB 70 open back

Interestingly, the Accura series, including the Zoom XB 70, utilizes 2x AA batteries. This choice is noteworthy, as AA batteries are more readily available and user-friendly compared to the CR123 batteries used in many contemporary cameras. This accessibility can be a significant advantage for users, especially in situations where battery replacement needs to be swift and straightforward.

Automatic Functions

True to its classification as an automatic point-and-shoot camera, the Accura Zoom XB 70 encompasses all the features one would expect from such a device. This includes automatic film advance and rewind, a practical feature that simplifies the process of film photography.

The camera also offers date and time adjustment for imprinting on photos, a convenient tool for cataloging and organizing photographic records. Additionally, a built-in timer and red-eye reduction feature enhance the camera’s versatility, catering to a range of photographic scenarios, from group photos to low-light conditions.

Accura Zoom XB 70 Photos


The Olympus Accura Zoom XB 70 stands as a testament to the design and technological trends of late 20th-century photography. Its robust build, combined with a versatile lens and practical automatic features, makes it a notable camera in the Olympus lineup.

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While it may not align with the compactness of the Stylus Infinity series, its unique characteristics offer a different perspective on what a point-and-shoot camera can be, reflecting Olympus’s commitment to diversity and innovation in its product range.

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