Contax T3 Review: A Premium Point and Phoot

Last Updated on July 26, 2023

The Contax T3 stands out as a high-end compact camera that has gained recognition and popularity in the second-hand market. In this review, we will explore the key features of the Contax T3, its performance, as well as its pros and cons compared to other similar cameras.

Front view of the contax t3

If you are considering acquiring a Contax T3, this review will provide you with valuable information to make an informed decision.

T3 Specs

Year release2001
Camera typePoint and Shoot film camera
Film type35mm
Camera ModelContax T3
LensCarl Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 lens
Shutter SpeedTop shutter speed of 1/1200th of a second, with the fastest speed at f/2.8 being 1/500th of a second the standard
FeaturesLCD-based interface for accessing various abilities and settings
Program ModeExcellent, fast and accurate
Custom FunctionsCanceling the auto flash and configuring fast focusing
Battery typeCR2 3V Silver or Lithium battery
Weight230g (without battery)
Dimensions105 x 30.5 x 63mm

Design of the Contax T3

Front view, cover closed, contax t3

The Contax T3 was released in 2001 and has since become a highly sought-after camera in the second-hand market. Its compact and elegant design makes it an attractive choice for those seeking a discreet and portable camera. With dimensions of 105 x 30.5 x 63mm mm and weighing approximately 240g (with battery), the Contax T3 can easily be carried in a pocket without drawing attention. Its high-quality construction, combined with a titanium finish, gives it a solid and durable feel.

It differs slightly from the design of its predecessor, the Contax T2, which had a more classic design. In this new design, the grip and the black painted areas of the design (except for the back) are completely eliminated, which gave the T2 a certain resemblance to classic rangefinder cameras.

Back of the contax t3

It is clear that the T3, like the other brands in this aspect, tried to adapt to the new design trends of the upcoming photographic era.

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Carl Zeiss 35mm Lens

Lens of the contax t3

One of the highlights of the Contax T3 is its Carl Zeiss 35mm lens. This lens is known for its exceptional optical quality and its ability to capture sharp and detailed images. With a maximum aperture of f/2.8, the Contax T3 allows for excellent light capture, resulting in well-exposed images even in low-light conditions.

Something that is appreciated in this camera is that they “solve” the problem that its predecessor had, which was not being able to take full advantage of its maximum aperture under normal conditions. In the T2, you had to be in a low-light situation for the aperture to stay at its maximum opening.

The combination of the Carl Zeiss lens and the compact body of the camera allows you to achieve more with less, meaning you don’t have to carry heavy equipment to capture quality images (I almost said heavy and expensive equipment, but one of the two wouldn’t be fulfilled…).

Autofocus and Exposure Metering

Top view of the contax t3

The Contax T3 offers fast and accurate autofocus, making it an ideal choice for capturing fast-moving moments and street photography. The speed and precision of the autofocus allow you to focus on composition and capturing the image without worrying about making too many adjustments.

Additionally, the camera features excellent exposure metering with a proper representation of highlights and shadows in the final result. This capability allows you to worry less about adjustments and pay more attention to the subject being photographed.

Shutter of the contax t3

By default, the Contax T3 prioritizes aperture over speed, which was the drawback of the T2, as mentioned earlier. Keeping that in mind, the T3 can reach speeds of up to 1/1200, which is quite impressive in the world of point and shoot cameras. However, this is only achievable using the f/2.8 aperture.

Custom Exposure Adjustment

The Contax T3 also offers a custom exposure adjustment, allowing you to adapt the brightness of the scene according to personal preferences.

This custom adjustment is especially useful when working in complex lighting situations or when aiming to achieve specific photographic effects. The ability to customize exposure adds versatility and control when using the camera in different circumstances.

Comparison with Other Cameras

When considering the Contax T3, it is important to take into account the alternatives available in the high-end compact camera market. Some of the most popular and comparable options are the Olympus Stylus Epic, the Minolta TC-1, and the Yashica T3 and T4. Below, we will compare the Contax T3 with these cameras to highlight their key differences.

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In terms of fast and accurate autofocus, the Contax T3 stands out compared to the Olympus Stylus Epic and the Yashica T3 and T4. These latter options have slower autofocus and may not be as reliable in fast-action situations. However, the Minolta TC-1 matches the Contax T3 in this aspect, offering a similar fast and accurate autofocus.

Regarding the optical quality of the lens, the Contax T3 with its Carl Zeiss lens surpasses the Olympus Stylus Epic and the Minolta TC-1. The Carl Zeiss lens is known for its exceptional quality and sharpness, making it a superior choice in terms of optical performance. The Yashica T3 and T4, on the other hand, also offer high-quality lenses but do not reach the level of excellence of the Contax T3.

In terms of price, the Contax T3 tends to be higher priced compared to the mentioned alternatives. In terms of price, the Contax T3 tends to be higher priced compared to the mentioned alternatives. Read the details below.

Each of these points deserves to be addressed in another article without a doubt.

Pros and Cons of the Contax T3

Next, we will list the positive and negative aspects of the Contax T3 to provide a balanced view of its features and performance.


  • Fast and accurate autofocus.
  • Excellent performance in exposure metering.
  • High-quality Carl Zeiss lens.
  • Portability and lightweight.
  • Value and price stability in the second-hand market.
  • Authorized repair center and services available.
  • Used by celebrities and at notable events.
  • Built-in flash with red-eye reduction.
  • Customizable function options.
  • Compatibility with different types of film.


  • High price compared to other point-and-shoot cameras. Not only high but also quite variable from seller to seller.
  • More affordable alternatives available in the market.

Price and Buying Guide

One of the most complex aspects of this camera is its price, as it is not only high but can also vary depending on the model you buy, where you buy it, and in what condition you buy it.

You can end up paying anywhere from $1,500 (with luck) to $6,000 for it. The condition of the camera is the first factor to consider, and the second factor is the model (i.e., the color). The dark gray model costs twice as much as the champagne model, so if you find one that is also practically new in its box, you will end up paying the highest mentioned price.

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As a photography enthusiast, I would never base my decision on aesthetic aspects; I would go straight for the most economical model available, no more. If you have already crossed the threshold of youth, you may consider the possibility of turning your passion into collecting. That depends on each individual.

If you buy from reputable buyers on eBay or from a specialized store, you should not have any problems in most cases.

Photos taken with the Contax T3


As we could see in this Contax T3 Review, it offers the performance of a high-end camera in a compact size, exceptional in terms of autofocus, exposure metering, and optical quality. Although its price may be higher compared to other point-and-shoot cameras, its high-quality construction and performance can justify its value in the second-hand market (debatable? yes).

The Contax T3 is a suitable choice for those seeking a simple and reliable analog camera, especially in fast-capture and street photography situations. Its portability and lightweight make it a great camera to carry in your pocket and capture what happens around you.

Despite its outstanding qualities, it is important to note that there are more affordable alternatives on the market, such as the Olympus Stylus Epic, the Minolta TC-1, and the Yashica T3 and T4. These cameras also offer impressive features and performance at a more accessible price. When making a purchasing decision, it is recommended to consider budget, individual photographic needs, and availability in the second-hand market.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Contax T3 suitable for beginners in analog photography?

Yes, the Contax T3 is a suitable choice for beginners interested in analog photography. Although it has advanced features, such as fast and accurate autofocus, it remains easy to use and delivers high-quality results without requiring deep technical knowledge.

Is it possible to obtain repair services for the Contax T3?

Yes, despite being a camera released in 2001, there is still an authorized repair center that offers repair services for the Contax T3. This is important to consider when buying a second-hand camera, as maintenance and repair services can still be obtained if needed.

What is the battery life of the Contax T3?

The Contax T3 uses a CR2 lithium battery, which has a lifespan of approximately 100 rolls of film. This duration may vary depending on usage and conditions, but overall, the battery has good autonomy.

Is the Contax T3 compatible with different types of film?

Yes, the Contax T3 is compatible with a wide variety of film types, including black and white, color, and slide films. This gives photographers the freedom to experiment with different effects and creative styles using different types of film.

Which celebrities have used the Contax T3?

The Contax T3 has gained recognition in the world of fashion and music. Some celebrities known to have used the Contax T3 include singer Frank Ocean and model Kendall Jenner, who carried it to the 2019 Met Gala. The choice of these celebrities to use the Contax T3 has contributed to its recognition and fame, which also influenced its price at the time.

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